Mass, Liturgy and Prayer

Prayer is an important part of the school day. Each class has a dedicated prayer area, and as well as whole school assemblies, pupils are encouraged to lead their own acts of worship. Mass is celebrated regularly as a community, both at school and at the church and a Rosary Group is run during particular times of the liturgical year.

Parents may find the Oratory-Prayer-Guidelines useful for helping their children learn prayers at home.

Pupils are fully involved in planning and preparing class assemblies, liturgies, prayer services and school masses which are well attended by parents, carers and family members.

Year group Masses provide an opportunity for pupils, staff and parents to come together to worship. The school community joins together at Masses at key times in the liturgical year including feast days and Holy Days of Obligation.

The confident and thoughtful way in which our pupils lead each other in worship during our class assemblies in particular is a strength of our school’s Catholic life.

Other opportunities for prayer and worship include child led act of worship, classroom prayer areas, spirituality days and May Procession, which provide a focal points for planned and spontaneous prayer.