Year Groups

To see the curriculum for Reception Class, please click on the links below:

Rec Autumn 1- Family and Friends

Rec Autumn 2- Travel and Transport

To view the Year 4 curriculum, please click on the links below:

Y4 Autumn Term- I am Warrior

Year 4 Writing Objectives

Year 4 Reading Objectives

Year 4 Maths Objectives

Year Six have a very important role as school prefects. Each child in our class has a different responsibility.

In Year Six the children take part in a one week residential trip each June. They travel to an activity centre where they partake in activities such as bushcraft, climbing, raft building, zorbing and many more. They are also involved in team building activities, where they are encouraged to further develop collaborative and cooperative learning skills. In addition to this, the trip enhances the children’s independence as they are away from home and therefore have to undertake many activities that may normally be done for them.

The children in Year Six are also involved in a production each summer term. The children thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the production, from learning lines and roles to designing the programme. They perform to both the school and their parents at the end of the summer term.

At Oratory we recognise the importance of a smooth transition from primary to secondary school and are committed to working in partnership with secondary schools to ensure the children settle well into Year 7.

To see The Year 6 curriculum, please click on the link below:

Y6 Autumn Term- Britain at War Part 1 Not Forgotten

Year 6 Reading Objectives

Year 6 Writing Objectives

Year 6 Maths Objectives