Mission, Vision and Values

At the Oratory Primary School we aim to promote excellence in an atmosphere pervaded by Gospel Values and the message of Jesus Christ. ‘We work together, we play together, we laugh together, we pray together’ is not an idle motto, it is the essence of our school:

In Faith: We provide an environment where children are enabled to build on and deepen their relationship with God. Opportunities for prayer, reflection, and liturgy allow pupils to live and grow together as Catholics.

In Community: We appreciate the expert knowledge that parents have of their children’s strengths and needs and invite families to share that knowledge with us. A strong partnership between home and school is vital in ensuring children achieve their personal best.

In Learning: We recognise that all children have particular abilities and aptitudes to be nurtured and celebrated. We encourage our pupils to become independent thinkers, and reflective learners, secure in the knowledge that with focus, endeavour and support, they can achieve their academic and creative potential.

In Life: We give our pupils a safe environment in which to build skills for their futures. We encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles, respect the environment and be responsible citizens.

In Love: We teach our pupils to show kindness, respect and forgiveness. We celebrate our place in God’s family by supporting one another and facing challenges together.